Sunday, August 21, 2011

Todd Green Dies after falling 200 Feet at the Michigan Selfridge Air Show


Stuntman from the Silver Wings Wingwalking Team has died after falling about 60 metres from a biplane while reaching for a helicopter at an airshow.

A stunt wing walker died Sunday after falling about 200 feet at an air show in southeastern Michigan, officials said. Technical Sgt. Dan Heaton, a spokesman at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, said wing walker Todd Green was trying to move from a plane to a helicopter when he fell at the base in Harrison Township, about 20 miles northeast of Detroit.
Many spectators thought that it was a part of the performance then shortly after found out that something had gone wrong. Hospital spokeswoman Diane Kish said Green died from his injuries.
Green, a Michigan native, started performing aerial stunts over 25 years ago. He is the son of prominent aerial stuntman Eddie Green. He leaves behind his wife, Dawn, his son Tyler and his stepson Derrick.

Source: Associated Press

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