Sunday, August 14, 2011

Panic Over The Pacific: Air Crash Investigation/Mayday

China Airlines Flight 006 encounters turbulence on route to Los Angeles. The No. 4 engine flames out and the crew tries to restart the engine at too high of an altitude. The aircraft banks slowly to the right but the crew does not notice the autopilot can no longer hold the aircraft straight and level. The captain disconnects the autopilot and immediately loses control, sending the aircraft into a spiralling nosedive. The Flight Engineer mistakes readings on the gauges for total engine failures on all engines rather than the Captain setting the throttles to idle. The extreme forces rip the undercarriage doors off and parts of the horizontal stabilizers rip off as well. The Boeing 747SP clears the clouds and the pilot can once again see the horizon. The crew recover the aircraft from the dive and the it lands safely at San Francisco despite control problems associated with the tailplane damage. Two people are hurt, but everyone survives. Watch the Air Crash Investigation/Mayday re-enacment down below.

Panic Over The Pacific Part 1

Panic Over The Pacific Part 2

Panic Over The Pacific Part 3

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Panic Over The Pacific Part 5