Friday, August 10, 2012

German Ju-52 Visit's Billy Bishop Airport

Ju-52 infront of the Trans-Capital Hangar at Billy Bishop

   Touching down just a few days ago at the Billy Bishop Island Airport in Toronto Ontario, Canada for the first time since the start of its World tour, The AirplaneNut had a chance to see this rare Ju-52 inside and out.
  With a  wingspan of 29,25m, distinct (BMW 132-A3) radials and its shiny metal skin, this World War 2 work horse could be spotted from a distance. The aircraft is an original German built Ju -52, assembled at Flugzeug Zweiqwerk Bernburg (FZB) in the summer of 1939.
  The aircraft is fitted 3 BMW Radial engines, the first specialty of BMW before the company started making cars. The aircraft has a cruise speed of 91 knots and can travel 6 hours non-stop without its extended range (drum type) fuel tanks. Its main use in the second World War was to drop parachuters into remote locations.

BMW 132-A3 Radial

Fitted with extended range (drum tanks) inside the fuselage
 Rimowa-“The Luggage with the grooves”  recently purchased this aircraft to promote the company’s suitcase brand. Ironically, this aircrafts sheet metal/outer skin has the same signature look as Rimowa’s suitcases which is the main reason why they chose this plane.
   This Ju-52 has been flying transatlantic flights back and forth  from Europe to the U.S and Canada mainly to promote the Rimowa suitcase line. Rimowa, a Cologne based company, based in Germany.

The AirplaneNut