Sunday, March 4, 2012

AH1 Cobra Helicopter Falls Two Hundred Feet To The Ground: (VIDEO)

A historic helicopter (AH1 Cobra) crashes to the ground in what looks like it could be a tragic disaster.
Astonishingly both people on board were able to walk away from Thursday's crash with hardly any injuries.
The footage was captured by a cameraman who happened to be shooting near the scene of the accident in Coolidge, Arizona. Steve Esparza managed to film the exact moment the AH1 Cobra started to fall to the ground.

The former military helicopter was being flown by a pilot and mechanic from the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation.
t was apparently filming a car on the ground as part of a stunt for the Korean version of television show Top Gear.
The aircraft had been hovering at no more than 200ft when a mechanical failure forced it to the ground.
Mr Esparza told My Fox Phoenix he knew he was going to capture something extraordinary when he caught sight of the helicopter.
'My heart was pounding, and I knew I was going to witness something, and I just followed it with the camera,' he said.
'I think the thing that shook me up the most was, I thought the pilots were dead. I turned the camera off - I didn't want to roll on what I thought I was about to see.'
But the helicopter's occupants simply shut off the engine and exited the wreckage.
The local police chief said the pilots had been saved thanks to the helicopter's safety features and their own precautions.

Mechanic and Pilot on board were able to walk away from the wreckage with no serious injuries

Source: Daily Mail Reporter

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