Friday, October 21, 2011

Pan Am The TV Series Now On ABC

Pan Am Flight Crew-TV Series ABC

ABC’s high-flying period piece debuted early September 2011. Lots of mixed reviews so far, overall it’s a show that many will enjoy. But does Pan Am capture the glamor and romance of jet age travel, or simply imitate the success of a certain other 60′s shows?

Pan Am follows the lives of four stewardesses (not flight attendants) and one pilot, all crewing a brand new jetliner in 1963. Pan American is the biggest airline in the United States, the pilots are gods among men and the stewardesses are icons of freedom and grace. Behind the veil of marketing, the women are subjected to supermodel standards of beauty, which combine with a difficult and nerve-wracking career to set them all on edge. In reality, the pilots… are basically extremely well-trained playboys.

Image: Pan Am TV Series ABC

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