Monday, July 5, 2010

Airbus merges with BMW

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus launched the twinjet interiors Expo for the A350 aircraft. The Interiors Expo in the 2006 exhibition in Hamburg featured luxurious interiors by BMW. Airbus has linked with BMW Designworks Group to design a new interior on the wide body A350. The ultra luxury cabin will boast high end luxury features such as projection into the ceiling to match whatever atmosphere is required by the passengers, views such as the night sky, mood lighting settings to transform from daytime to nighttime. In the entrance area there is a dome that will give passengers the feeling of spaciousness or openness. BMW has also put together some fine-looking seats and a generally swank interior for this A350, even in the cockpit. The A350 is currently being develpoped and is scheduled to enter into airline service in 2013. The launch customer for this aircraft will be Quatar Airways.