Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why I would choose the Eclipse 400

It is a very light jet that can take up to 4 passengers including the pilot. It costs around $ 1.35 million US. I can't afford one yet but I'm working on it. The Jet cruises at up to 330 knots (379-380 mph) with an economical cruise speed of 256 knots (294 mph) and burns 26 gallons of fuel per hour. It can cruise up to 1200 nm at a maximum ceiling of 41000 feet. The Glass cockpit is very appealing with a modern looking panel. The smooth design, blended, V tail gives the plane a one of a kind look. Its manufactured with composite light weight materials. The Jet is Powered by a PW615F turbofan, medium bypass engine, pushing out 1200 lbs of thrust. It has a wide chord bell shape blade similar to a 777 engine. The engine inlet is not much bigger than your hand.