Friday, April 23, 2010

Aiming for Clear European Skys

The Icelandic volcano currently making northern Europe a no-fly zone could possibly affect international travelers for months. The volcano is now strengthening, as airline operators start to get ready to go back in service, thinking it would last only for a few days. The European Aviation Saftey Agency E.A.S.A is standing strong on their feet, not allowing any flights in or out of the European airspace. British airways took to the skies to test the effect of volcanic ash on the one of there aircraft. The Boeing 747-8 with the chief executive Willie Walsh on board-flew for nearly three hours from London Heathrow airspace. The conditions were reported to be perfect and the aircraft encountered no difficulties. The aircraft is now undergoing a full technical analysis at BA's engineering base at Cardiff. The chaos of the volcanic eruption is causing the airline industry to loose millions daily. It is said to be the biggest disruption of air travel since 2001.